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FPS West Office

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French Blue Meeting in Nagano, Japan. 3500+ French cars came to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Citroën.





Our good friend Howie Seligmann is on Citroen Generations Episode 8 & 9. Check this out!

2019 Bastille Day Vancouver  



2018 Fall in Nagano Japan





T-Shirt 2CV 70th anniversary! $20 

T-Shirt long sleeve 2CV 70th anniversary! $25 

1983 Early Charleston for Sale $7000


#3611R Red canvas muff for 60-65 big chevron aluminum grill $36

#3613B Blue Celester canvas muff for 66-74 3-Bar grill $36



#3610 Grill muff: 2CV4/6 for Plastic Grill $17.50




 Welcome to French Parts Service


17020 Sylvester Rd SW

Normandy Park, WA 98166 USA


Phone: (206) 242-4888 Email:


Business hours: 8:00am - 4:00 pm (PST) Monday - Friday

FPS Online Parts Order






Are you still changing your points?
123ignitions offer improved performance and require no maintenance!


See how the 123ignition is superior to standard points (14.3mb video, Quicktime required)


See how the 123ignition is superior to standard points (5.4mb video without sound, Quicktime required)



Classic Covers

We are delighted to offer a line of car covers using latest technology “Noah®” fabric, and tailored to fit Citroën models, including:

2CV - DS - Traction Avant - CX - SM

Other Classics Upon Request

Through FPS, these patterns are available in the breathable, space-age Noah® material, with a special micro-porous middle layer that resists rain, but allows condensation to evaporate.

Allow your Citroën to receive the protection that other makes enjoy! When the wind blows, loose covers wear on car paint. But these snug covers are custom cut, with grommets for tie-downs. Every cover is carefully made with flawlessly smooth seams and UV protection.

For Indoor use, we now also offer the custom-fit, three-layer “DustGuard” to protect cars from the dirt and scratches that can result from garage activity.

Thanks to our low overhead (no retail store, etc.) our prices are deeply discounted over the suggested retail. We hope that you will take advantage - preserving the cars is the passion at the heart of French Parts Service.

Noah outdoor cover for 2CV $285.00 / Dustguard cover for 2CV $225.00
Noah outdoor cover for DS $315.00 / Dustguard cover for DS $245.00
Noah outdoor cover for Traction Avant $315.00 / Dustguard cover for Traction Avant $245.00

See page for the covers.

Does your Citroën have a classic companion?

Ask about our other patterns.



GIFT CERTIFICATES now available!!!
Make it easy to request or receive a gift for that special someone
- your 2CV!

Any amount can be designated - request by e-mail or by phone.