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 Stan Cheren has started a novel project quite literally! He and his wife Barbel at Ranch Park Publishing in Fearrington Village near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, have launched a book series called “The Little French Car”.

Available in English, French and Spanish at FPS WEST

Inspiration comes from owning a 2CV they call Ms. Deuzy. She is a 1985 grey “Charleston” model manufactured at the Citroën factory in Levallois outside of Paris. They fell in love with her on their travels and in 2012 brought her back from Belgium.

In their travels throughout North Carolina, they are constantly approached by people fascinated to see it, especially children! So they thought — why not write a series on books on their little 2CV and base it on a series of adventures that will match creative minds to the iconic French icon? Stories that will share the incredible history of the 2CV with the collectors who grew up with them and with their children and friends.

Ms. Deuzy is a real character on four wheels who talks to Luc and her animal and automobile friends. Her constant companion is Luc, an 18 year old student at the Sorbonne in Paris. He spends the summers on his family farm outside of Aix.

In these stories Stan and Barbel will give Ms. Deuzy the ample opportunity to meet exciting and fun folks and go to exciting places.

There are 6 books coming and maybe more says Stan. The first book has Ms. Deuzy in her native Paris.

Excerpt from The Little French Car in Paris.
Excerpt from The Little French Car in Paris.

The second book is just wrapping up with Ms. Deuzy visiting a farm near Aix in France and the third book in the series may see her at Le Mans.

Stan and Barbel invite you to share stories of your experiences with your favourite 2CVs and to tell us where you would like them to take their Ms. Deuzy in the future.

The Little French Car in Paris (English version) is available now (for $12.99 US + shipping) and can be ordered through FPS West, our 2CV parts partner in the US. They expect the Spanish and French copies any day now.

So, tell your friends and family that both the eBook and paperbacks editions of The Little French Car in Paris are here!