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Citroën and 2CV links

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Drive She Said!

The largest Citroen meet in North America.

Drive She Said! welcomes you. This is the go-to website for the annual Citroën Rendezvous being held in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Rendezvous 2011 events will be spread over 3 days, June 14th - 16th, 2013.

Click on Rendezvous 2013 for details.



2CV s Rus - The world of Deux Chevaux

 You will find plenty of valuable information including:

- A 2CV Buyers Guide for the 2CV owner to be
- Our fine 2CVs for sale with many comprehensive photos of these cars
- For the technically skilled 2CV owner, the Repair and Maintenance Instructions
- Technical Tips for every 2CV owner
- Many photo shows of 2CV body off restorations
  (To get an idea of what you might have to face if you plan to start 
  a 2CV restoration project)
- The complete Online 2CV Users Manual in English
- Photo shows of 2CV events worldwide